10/11/2011 04:23 pm ET Updated Dec 11, 2011

Esquire Best New Restaurant List Honors Four Bay Area Restaurants (PHOTOS)

This month, Esquire released its 27th annual Best New Restaurant List, and (not surprisingly) San Francisco cleaned up.

Not only did the Bay Area nab four awards, San Francisco's Michael Mina took home the coveted national Restaurant of the Year award. Not too shabby.

China Basin's 25 Lusk was granted the Design of the Year award, but it also gained an A for service when Esquire writer John Mariani prank called the hostess, explained that his goldfish had died (hostess: "Oh I'm sorry to hear that") and requested that the chef prepare the dead fish for him to eat at the restaurant. The hostess politely put him on hold to ask the chef, before explaining that the restaurant unfortunately could not prepare the fish due to health code limitations. Mariani also called an unsuspecting restaurant in Boston and asked where, inside the dining room, he could store his prized falcon. (As in the bird.)

But shenanigans aside, multiple recognitions from the prestigious list sends a clear message to San Francisco: Keep on doing what you're doing.

Check out all of the Bay Area winners in our slideshow below: