10/11/2011 05:17 pm ET Updated Dec 11, 2011

Immigration Reform: Singer Pablo Montero Blasts Anti-Illegal Immigration Laws In U.S.

Mexico City – Mexican singer Pablo Montero criticized anti-illegal immigration laws that have been enacted in different parts of the United States and asked the White House to give the undocumented a little more help.

The artist, who will appear in concert next week in Arizona, one of the states with the toughest anti-illegal immigration laws, said the U.S. government should understand the hard times immigrants are going through and should stop these laws from being enforced.

"This is the worst - there really have to be a lot of changes because the United States has made so many mistakes," he said at a press conference in Mexico City to introduce his new album, "El Abandonado" (Abandoned One).

On the subject of his upcoming performance, he said he feels very emotional about being near Arizona's Hispanic immigrants, since they "need a hug" and for someone to give them some "happiness and incentives."

On the disc, his tenth, Montero interprets 10 Mexican favorites including "Serenata Huasteca" (Huasteca Serenade) and "Florecita" (Little Flower), as well as three unpublished ones, among them "El Triunfo del Amor" (Triumph of Love), popularized on the like-named telenovela in which he also appeared as an actor.

He dedicated his latest work to his deceased brother, Oliver Hernandez, killed by armed robbers last year, whom he remembers as his "right-hand man" and lifelong pal.

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