10/11/2011 09:55 am ET Updated Dec 11, 2011

Jimmy Kimmel Spoofs 'Jesus Ween,' The Christian Halloween Alternative (VIDEO)

In just a few more weeks, children everywhere will take part in classic Halloween traditions like dressing up in costume, playing tricks and going door-to-door for candy -- but not all children.

As it turns out, some lucky kids will be celebrating "Jesus Ween" instead, a conservative Christian approach to the holiday that has recently been promoted. It's just like Halloween, except you get bibles instead of treats, and dressing up in costumes is prohibited. You know, fun!

Jimmy Kimmel couldn't help but explore this alternative Halloween on Monday night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," where he presented the fake promo below. Maybe it's just us, but there's something about the kids saying, "I'm a Jesus Weener" that just doesn't sound as Christian as you'd expect.


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