10/13/2011 02:49 am ET Updated Dec 12, 2011

AIGA Design Conference 'Pivot' Begins (VIDEO)

AIGA, the professional association for design, launches its newest conference today. Entitled 'Pivot,' the Pheonix conference will focus on "critical inflection point as a practice, thought process and force for change."

AIGA is devoted to designers serving as communicators, teachers and invigorators in their communities. Their influence and vision extends into nearly every sphere of society, from politics to economics to the arts. Over the course of the event 1,500 designers will listen, discuss and engage in design's ever-expanding possibilities in today's social and economic climate.

From October 13-16, AIGA will combine over a thousand designers with multicolored backgrounds and skill sets, and a laundry list of design visionaries, from the multimedia editor of The New York Times to the vice president of global design for Pepsi. If you can, check out a rare experience where design is not just the style but the content, an event sure to stimulate the eye and the mind.