10/12/2011 06:24 pm ET Updated Dec 12, 2011

National League Series Prompts Congressional Face-Off

Among the many battles being waged in Washington, D.C., these days -- including such contentious matters as President Barack Obama's jobs bill, the Congressional Black Caucus' fight for black employment measures, and Republican presidential candidate Hermain Cain's ongoing scrap with, well, just about every other black person in America -- there’s another congressional tussle about to spill over, this one between two black U.S. Representatives, and it's not about the game of politics.

It's about the game of baseball.

See, Rep. Wm. Lacy Clay (D) of St. Louis, Mo., is a St. Louis Cardinals fan. And Rep. Gwen Moore (D) of Milwaukee, Wisc., is a Milwaukee Brewers fan.

This all makes tonight's game between the Cardinals and Brewers in the National League Championship series very interesting. The two have made a friendly wager as to which team will win the pennant and move on to the World Series.

If the Cardinals win, Moore will deliver a case of Budweiser with an assortment of the city's best bratwurst to Clay and his staff. If the Brewers win, Moore will be handing over a case of Miller High Life and a deep-dish pizza from a place called Pi, a legendary St. Louis pizza place (which happens to be a favorite of Obama, says Moore).

"There is no doubt that the Brewers will win the next three games, but I need to call Brewers Manager Ron Roenicke right away and tell him just how dire this situation is," Rep. Moore said in a statement. "I am loath to purchase Budweiser. The only beer I ever buy or drink is High Life."

"The Cardinals are on a roll. Albert is awesome, Chris Carpenter is warming up, and the Rally Squirrel is ready," said Congressman Clay. "And I am surprised to learn that they actually brew beer in Milwaukee!"

Yep, it’s on. The series is tied at one game apiece.