Nas Debuts New 'Life Is Good' Video, 'Nasty' (VIDEO)

Contrary to its original September release date, hip-hop king Nas (born Nasir Jones) has finally unleashed the video for his first single, "Nasty," off of his forthcoming album "Life Is Good." Not to disappoint loyal fans, the "Illmatic" MC returned to his native neighborhood of Queensbridge, New York City to capture the visuals for the gritty clip, which in fact is something to entice fans for his highly-anticipated opus.

“It's going to be a little something to hang out there for the people while I get ready for the next one to drop. That should be out any day now,” he told HuffPost Black Voices in August. “I think maybe a week from now. Hopefully before my New York show on September 3. “

“I'm knee-deep into the album now. I definitely have some spaces for some guests,” he continued. “It just has to be right for the track, or whatever. It just got to sound right. So whatever happens, it'll be for the best. I have some pretty good ideas as to who I want to put on certain songs. So we just have to see if some of these dudes will be with it, if they have time to do it, or whatever. We'll see what happens.”

WATCH the video for "Nasty":