10/13/2011 03:21 pm ET Updated Oct 13, 2011

Aline Skaf, Hannibal Gaddafi Photos: More Pictures Of Couple Leaked (PHOTOS)

They're not quite as racy as the photos unearthed earlier this week, but these pictures of Hannibal Gaddafi and his wife, Aline Skaf, do give a glimpse into the lives of the former Libyan dictator's son and his bride.

According to AFP/Getty, these photos, available below, were found on Hannibal Gaddafi's personal laptop. And even though the Libyan National Transitional Council released the pictures on September 27, they're now getting renewed attention because of the nearly-NSFW photos posted on Turkish blog earlier this week. (The photos have since been removed.)

These newly surfaced pictures, taken in Tunisia, Paris, on the Red Sea, and at their home in Tripoli, depict what appear to be more tranquil moments in what reportedly has been an occasionally violent relationship.

According to Time magazine, in 2005 Hannibal Gaddafi reportedly hit Skaf in a hotel in Paris. It is not clear if the photo of the couple at the Paris hotel is from the same trip.

In July 2008, the couple was arrested in Geneva and served two days in a Swiss jail for allegedly abusing two of their servants.

About two years later, police in London were called to their hotel room when Gaddafi reportedly hit his wife, sending her to the hospital with a broken nose, according to The Daily Mail. Skaf later said she suffered the facial injuries in an accidental fall.

This summer, CNN reported that Skaf had brutally abused their nanny, Shwygar Mullah, by pouring boiling water on her head.

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