10/13/2011 08:10 am ET Updated Dec 13, 2011

Anti-Aging Solutions: How Far Would You Go?

It seems mankind will forever be fixated upon eternal youth. We've read of legendary quests to find the Fountain of Youth and promises of the elixir of life. Even as a young boy, Peter Pan was determined to never grow up.

While the same desire for youth remains, the means have changed. With today's rapid pace of scientific discovery and technological advancement, it was only a matter of time before the cosmetic industry's anti-aging campaign took a scientific spin in looking for new ways to turn back the clock, or more ambitiously, stop it all together. Rather than focus on the surface value of creams and hiding those wrinkles, scientists have been looking inward at the cellular level and stopping them from forming in the first place.

If going under the knife has become too obvious and googling old wives' remedies has grown too mundane, take a look at the latest anti-aging solutions, as noted by Independent Woman.

Independent Woman's Anti-Aging Solutions -- How Far Would You Go?

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