10/13/2011 03:14 pm ET Updated Dec 13, 2011

Chicago Reader Turns 40: Special Issue Celebrates History

We approached our 40th birthday as many do—with a mix of pride, nostalgia, and fear of death, topped off with way too much buttercream frosting and a few too many whiskeys. It goes without saying that the aftermath of such an outpouring would be complicated, endearing . . . and sticky.

Faced with the big 4-0, the real question—as pointed out by 40-year Reader veteran Michael Miner after examining decades of all-but-forgotten pages of Reader history—is a simple one: "What can be done?" We can search our legacy-heavy soul to recognize the milestones that led to this point. We can question how the past will help inform the future. We can, essentially, age.

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