10/13/2011 01:32 pm ET Updated Dec 13, 2011

Jason Alexander Gets New Hair, Corbin Bernsen Admits 'Bald Is Not Good For Business'

Famously bald "Seinfeld" star Jason Alexander recently stepped out sporting a new head of hair, explaining via Twitter, "I decided to make the change for a combination of professional and practical reasons."

However, not everyone in Hollywood is applauding Alexander's semi-permanent hairpiece.

"That's dreadful," former "L.A. Law" actor Corbin Bernsen told me on my talk show "Naughty But Nice With Rob." "Oh God no, I would never wear one. The minute my hair went I shaved it. Thank God it became kind of cool. I just have really big ears ... But you know what they say about big ears.”

Bernsen, who is back on TV starring as Henry Spencer in the sixth season of the USA Network original series "Psych," admits that losing your hair in Hollywood isn't easy.

"You were like the original George Clooney," I joked, to which he replied, "Yeah I know, look where he got. He's earning 60 million dollars, what have I done wrong? It's the hair. I'm telling you, bald is not good for business."

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