10/13/2011 03:48 pm ET Updated Dec 13, 2011

'The Muppets' Trailer Is Inspirational And Super Cute (VIDEO)

Warning: the following video is not safe for work... because it will leave you smiling so wide your bosses will know something is up.

Disney premiered the final trailer for their upcoming big screen Muppet revival, giving more plot points than ever. Well, we've already know was happening -- see the synopsis, below -- but now we're finally seeing more of it. Jason Segel, Amy Adams and their Muppet pal Gary have traveled out to meet their heroes, only to find the Muppet Studio in ruins after years of neglect. They help Kermit in his quest to put the gang back together, though they soon found out that they dont have quite the same level of fame as before.

Consider this the one time we are not happy with Rashida Jones.

It's a fun change of pace from most of the other trailers, which were largely spoofs on pop culture, including riffs on "The Hangover," "The Girl With THe Dragon Tattoo," and "Green Lantern."

The film is filled with celebrity cameos as the Muppets work to revive their careers, singing and dancing all the while. It's a trip back to the good ol Muppet days with a fun new flavor, and hits theaters on Thanksgiving.