10/13/2011 06:39 pm ET Updated Dec 13, 2011

Up All Night Recap: Moms Wrestle With Stroller

It turns out Will Arnett's charm isn't the only thing we love about "Up All Night." It's funny, it's real, and it's a TV show that highlights parents being cool (as opposed to dowdy, difficult, or dead). Plus, Reagan and Chris, played by Christina Appelgate and Arnett normalize the mom-goes-to-work dad-stays-home setup.

So, because we're huge fans -- and we're suspecting we're not the only ones -- we've decided to feature our favorite moments from the show each week here on HuffPost Parents. This week:

Scene We Loved: Reagan and her stay-at-home mom nemesis tackle a stroller that won't collapse.

Why We've All Been There: That thingy -- you know the one -- that you have to kick to get an umbrella stroller to fold up is impossible to find. The higher end models are safe, but that means you need both hands, one foot, and insane hand-eye coordination to store them. And, being a parent means there is no way you have time to read the instructions.

The Larger Message: Even though the SAHM gives Reagan a guilt trip and a half for going to work ("Oh look, she can't believe she's seeing her mommy."), everything evens out in the end. In Reagan's words: "Kicking parenting's ass? Check."