10/16/2011 11:00 am ET Updated Dec 16, 2011

The Beatles Resurgence: 'Ocean's Kingdom,' 'Living In A Material World,' 'Backbeat,' Etc. (VIDEO)

When Michael Jackson died in the summer of 2009, pundits predicted a Beatles resurgence. Jackson had notoriously outbid Sir Paul McCartney for a 50 percent share in the rights to more than 200 Beatles songs, and the copyrights were ostensibly freed (Jackson's estate ultimately held onto them). But aside from a Beatles edition of Rock Band, and their discography release onto iTunes (which had less to do with Jackson's death than with that other Apple), there was nothing to indicate we'd re-entered the kind of mini-Beatlemania brought on in the nineties by the drawn-out airing of a Beatles anthology.

Now here we are more than two years later, and the Beatles are seemingly everywhere. Only instead of relying on the recycling of old material, they're back in the game for new developments: Paul McCartney's ballet, Martin Scorsese's study of George Harrison, a play about their beginnings, a movie about their end (Ringo, of course, remains totally silent). In honor of the band that just won't quit, we've compiled a slideshow of their career highs and lows ... over the last month.