10/17/2011 05:56 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bristol Palin's Style Evolution (PHOTOS)

Bristol Palin is turning the big 2-1!

We know what you're thinking -- only 21? It's true -- the famous teen mom was really a teen when the whole pregnancy went down.

But now Bristol's a grown-up and quite a worldly one at that. Sarah Palin's famous daughter has been in the public eye for years: first as a governor's daughter, then as a campaign trail child when her mom ran for vice president, and now as a buzzed-about target of the media and that lovable ex-fiance, Levi Johnston.

Bristol's style journey, in the meantime, has been just as non-linear, and she's made some noticeable changes over the years (including a bit of surgery, she admitted).

Below, a look back at the political daughter's recent best (and worst) fashion moments.

Briston Palin's Style Evolution