10/18/2011 12:56 am ET Updated Dec 17, 2011

Darrelle Revis Touchdown: Jets CB Returns Interception 100 Yards; Pass Interference? (VIDEO)

Although it's hard to fathom looking at the final score of the Jets' 24-6 win over Miami on Monday Night Football, the Dolphins looked poised to take control of this AFC East battle in the early stages. They were winning the field position battle in the Meadowlands, even taking an early lead with a 23-yard field goal. When the Jets muffed the ensuing short kickoff, giving Miami the ball inside New York's red zone, it looked like the visitors were going to jump out to a double-digit lead.

That's when Darrelle Revis stepped up.

On 3rd and seven from the 15-yard line, the Jets all-world cornerback intercepted a pass at the goal line that Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore had intended for a stumbling Brandon Marshall. Revis then got a few key blocks and was able to return pick 100 yards untouched for a touchdown.

Immediately following the play, ESPN broadcaster Jon Gruden wondered aloud why defensive pass interference wasn't called. There appeared to be plenty of contact between Revis and Marshall and it looked as if Revis grabbed the back of his jersey.

"I just don't know how that's not pass interference," Gruden said, contending that there was enough contact for a penalty to be called.

Replays showed that some of the contact between the two players may have been initiated by Marshall, as he lost his footing. Perhaps that is why the referees held onto their yellow flags. Or, maybe, the refs believe that what happens on Revis Island stays on Revis Island. Regardless, the Jets' touchdown stood and the Dolphins never recovered.

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