10/17/2011 06:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

My First Levi's Lets Babies Wear Silly-Looking Fake Jeans

Jeans, it seems, can no longer just be jeans. They must be jeggings or JeanPants (that's denim underwear) or Pajama Jeans or the ever-inventive joggs.

With a plentitude of denim hybrid options, it wasn't too long before a new inventive jean style hit the children's clothing market. Now that day has come, Racked informed us, with My First Levi's.

My First Levi's is a collection soft baby clothing with denim silkscreened onto it, so baby can be comfy and jungle gym-ready while still looking fly. Or something like that.

Racked got a screen shot of My First Levi's hoodie and sweatpants, the latter of which features an enviable waistband.

Silly as they look, we can't help but be a little jealous. We really love elastic waistbands.

Unfortunately, these styles are hard to come by, although eBay still has a My Levi's piece or two. Get 'em while they're hot... or just check out the images below.

(Via Racked)