10/18/2011 02:55 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

LuzInterruptus Installation Brings 100 Radioactive Figures To Hamburg (VIDEO)

We've all let our paranoia get the best of us, and anonymous art collective LuzInterruptus feels sympathizes. A vast departure from their Madrid installation which put nipples on everything, their 'Radioactive Control' explores and satirizes the collective paranoia felt since the escape of radioactive materials in Japan.

The collective installed this paranoid-delusion-turned-reality, an anonymous army wearing faux radiation-proof coveralls, at the Dockville Festival in Hamburg. The 100 glowing figures incorporate LuzInterruptus' signature use of light introduced into the public arena in stimulating ways, visually and conceptually. The work, which floats threateningly over an empty countryside, is meant to, according to the collective, "invite reflection regarding the use and abuse of nuclear energy, cheap in economic terms, but which can cause grave secondary effects for the environment and health, forever irreversible." It forcibly reminds viewers that this is still the atomic age, with the constant nuclear threat that goes with it.

Radioactive control from luzinterruptus on Vimeo.