10/18/2011 04:20 pm ET Updated Dec 18, 2011

'The Dark Knight Rises' At Occupy Wall Street? How The Film Could Use Them

They may be protesting the kind of accumulated wealth that makes Bruce Wayne able to buy all that superhero stuff, but the protestors at Occupy Wall Street may end up being part of the next Batman film.

Set to film in New York City starting on October 29th, producers on the Christopher Nolan-directed epic "The Dark Knight Rises" told the Los Angeles Times that the actors have been told to prepare to shoot scenes that could include the protests in Zuccotti Park. Warner Bros. wouldn't confirm or deny, continuing on their tradition of secrecy and head fakes when it comes to their prized franchise, so it made us think: if it is true, just how could they use the protests in the film?

What first comes to mind is the jail breakout villain Bane, played by Tom Hardy, helps lead. Scenes from that explosion of criminals were shot in Pittsburgh and captured by paparazzi, and they look like pure mayhem. Perhaps those criminals could infiltrate the park and cause mayhem, or at least drag Batman through the crowd as he pursues the monstrous bad guy.

Bane also takes over a football stadium mid-game -- video of which was put online -- and perhaps he'll do the same, trying to take advantage of the energy and anger of the people protesting the state of our union.

With Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing a cop, maybe he'll be involved in monitoring the protests; or, perhaps Anne Hathaway, as Catwoman, could hide herself amongst the masked protesters. There's also the possibility that those protesters will be asked to strike against Bruce Wayne, unaware of his secret heroism.


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