10/19/2011 01:58 pm ET Updated Jun 14, 2012

Haitian Amputee Soccer Team Holds Clinic For Wounded Soldiers In D.C.(VIDEO)

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One soccer team is taking the typical sports lessons of strength, courage and determination to a whole different playing field.

The Haitian Amputee Soccer Team held a sports clinic in Washington D.C., teaching wounded soldiers how to play the game despite the loss of limbs, reports.

The team members, who are visiting America for the first time, are men and women who lost arms or legs during the earthquake that hit Haiti in Jan. 2010 and have received prosthetics, according to the news outlet.

Now, the players are showing their gratitude by inspiring American service members not to restrict themselves as a result of injuries. They also hope to raise awareness of Haiti's continued need for aid in the earthquake's aftermath.

“You don’t need to let the loss of a limb, an amputation, slow you down,” Pat Korten from the Knights of Columbus told the news outlet. “It’s possible to play soccer — and play at a very high level.”

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