'Real World' Occupy Wall Street? Casting Looking For Occupy Wall Street-ers For Show's Next Season

Are you young? Attractive? Infuriated by the greed of Wall Street's biggest banks?

You might be perfect for the next season of "The Real World"!

The New York Observer dug up this gem of a Craigslist ad, apparently posted by Bunim/Murray, the casting company behind the real world. It seems to have gone up on Monday and looks pretty legit:

MTV's Real World is seeking cast members to tell their unique stories on our show. If you are over the age of 20 and appear to be between the ages of 20-24, and the description below sounds like you, we want to hear from you!

Are you a part of the OCCUPY WALL STREET movement?

If so, please contact realworldcasting@bunim-murray.com. Your subject heading should be YOUR NAME and WALL STREET.

Please attach 3 RECENT PHOTOS and a brief BIO, including your full NAME, DATE OF BIRTH (for ID purposes only) as well as your CONTACT INFORMATION including PHONE #.

As the Village Voice points out, there's no mention of OWS on the Real World 27 portion of the Bunim/Murray website, but that doesn't necessarily mean the ad is fake. Both the Observer and the Voice have reached out for comment, but the casting company is yet to have replied to either.

The whole thing seems a little ironic however, especially with MTV's reality TV corporate sponsors and mainstream feel. The Jersey Shore cast surely can't be happy about this.