10/19/2011 04:20 pm ET Updated Dec 19, 2011

Sally Pressman-David Rogers Wedding: 10 Things You Didn't Know

Every bride has a great story from her wedding--the mother-in-law who demanded a dress with a plunging neckline, the woman who stampeded over other women to find the perfect dress, the drunken speech from the divorced father on how he missed out on your teenage years. We've heard--and loved--every last one.

HuffPost Weddings sat down with "Army Wives" star Sally Pressman recently to discuss her marriage to "Cougar Town" actor David Rogers last month in Santa Barbara, Calif. We collected 10 great stories from the actress, including some we never thought we'd hear (see number five!) Find out her best-kept wedding secrets below.

1. Tracy Anderson kicked my butt for the month before my wedding
She was crafting these ridiculous circus move workouts. There was one day where we were doing arms with weights--in a strapless dress, that's what you care about most—and she was yelling, "Get your arms up bride!" But that meant I didn’t have to go crazy dieting. We were working out so hard that I could kind of eat whatever I wanted.

2. I was very, very into the wedding details.
I have kind of, in my head, been planning my wedding since I was three years old

3. Most important to me was the band
I had booked the band before I had booked the location. I had no idea where we were going to have it. I told them, 'It might be in Cabo, it might be in California."

4. I Skyped with my wedding planner
There's always going to be a time when you need to see things. You'll need to have a visual set up of the tables to see how everything's laid out, you'll need to see a visual of the flowers--but in terms of talking things out, Skype works great.

5. We danced to jingles
My dad and I danced to these commercial jingles that he used to sing me to sleep with. He used to sing the jingle to Aunt Jemima pancakes—that, and "Buffalo Sal." Our band sang them flawlessly.

6. We had four different flavors of cake
We couldn’t pick a flavor, so the cake had four tiers. The bottom was red velvet with cream cheese, the second was carrot cake with cream cheese, the third was lemon with a lemon curd filling, and then the top layer was a chocolate vegan with vanilla filling. I ate every single layer of my cake.

7. I wrote my vows on my wedding day
I wrote mine literally last minute. After the rehearsal dinner, I went home and started writing them at 12:30am. I couldn’t do it, so I woke up at 6 o'clock in the morning the day of my wedding to write them. I was just kind of feeling the crunch and thought, I've got to get it done, there's no other time.

8. We had a no-show
We have two friends who had never sent in their reply card, but told us yes, they will be coming. They confirmed verbally and then didn’t show up and still have not explained. The day of the wedding, they just weren’t there.

9. We had a large wedding party, including our dog
My husband has a billion friends and he wanted everyone to be there. He wanted everyone to be included. We had eleven bridesmaids, ten groomsmen and our Officiant was his friend, and the eleventh groomsman. There was a ring bearer--my husband's nephew--and the flower girl was his niece. Our dog Sophie walked down the aisle with them wearing a flowered collar. She is a Morky-- a Maltese Yorky

10. My mom went cuckoo-crazy over the goody bags
She would call me ten times a day about the goody bags, to the point that I can't tell even you how many times I said, "If you mention them to me one more time, I'm calling this whole thing off and I'm going to take all the goody bags myself." The word goody bag made me absolutely flip out into hysteria. Even the day after, she was still talking to me about the goody bags.