10/24/2011 02:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Queen Elizabeth II Mooned In Her Lovely Pastel Hat (PHOTOS)

Remember when Anna Wintour had a special outfit just for flying, that she put on after takeoff and changed out of before landing? Well it looks like the Queen has a similar idea -- when it comes to hats.

Queen Elizabeth II is currently showing off her best pastels on a trip to Australia, where she is meeting and greeting Aussies on a ten-day tour. After a weekend in yellow, today the royal looked great in green... and some curious headgear.

When both leaving and re-boarding the plane in Canberra, Elizabeth sported a floral kerchief tied around her gray hair and knotted right under her chin.

Not a look we'd ever consider wearing, but if anyone can rock it, it'd be the 85-year-old Queen of England.

Once she deplaned, of course, the Queen put on her matching hat, which featured some lovely yellow, pink and blue touches. The outfit got great reception... except from one onlooker. The Telegraph reported that 22-year-old Liam Warriner ran alongside the royal motocade "with an Australian flag wedged between his buttocks" (we cannot make this stuff up).

As if there was any doubt, he told Brisbane's Courier Mail, "I mooned the Queen."

OK. We're still more focused on the kerchief -- what do you think of the old school royal look? See the Queen below (and read about The Royal Mooner on

Queen Elizabeth II