10/25/2011 01:14 pm ET Updated Dec 25, 2011

David Calvo Solves Rubik's Cube While Juggling (VIDEO)

Most people would be impressed to meet someone who could juggle or solve Rubik's Cubes, but David Calvo can do both at the same time. This video, which in the description claims to be merely footage of Calvo "practicing his routine," features Calvo juggling two solved Rubik's Cubes while single-handedly solving another cube in under one minute. Unreal.

This is just his latest in a string of Cube-related feats, including setting the Guinness World Record for most Cubes solved underwater, solving two Cubes at once, and solving a Cube blindfolded.

It's great that Calvo can do this and all, but we're all going to have to practice our party jokes now in order to keep up.

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