10/25/2011 06:32 pm ET Updated 4 days ago

Intoxicated Mark Grotjahn Passes Out And Still Has Good Night

Mark Grotjahn is famous for his disorienting paintings that feature multiple vanishing points and play with our perception of equilibrium. After the weekend that Grotjahn has had, we've started to understand his woozy inspiration. In a true rock star moment, Grotjahn became extremely intoxicated at the Two by Two for AIDS gala in Dallas, Saturday night and passed out on the front lawn.

However, while Grotjahn lay asleep in the planter, his painting, which he'd donated to the cause, sold for an impressive $1 million, breaking the record for a work sold at the gala. The sale of Grotjahn's work brought the fundraiser's total to a landmark $4.8 million, to be split between the Dallas Museum of Art and the American Foundation for AIDS Research.

Right before the bidding, singer Patti Labelle broke into a rendition of "Voulez-vous couchez avec moi," but Grotjahn was nowhere to be found as he staggered down the driveway of the Rachofsky estate. Grotjahn was tailed by a helpless female assistant as he spouted obscenities, telling her "I will [expletive] sleep right here!" The Dallas News reports.

Grotjahn also recently made news by suing collector Dean Valentine for reselling his work and refusing to pay a royalty fee.For a look at Grotjahn's artwork, view the video below.