10/25/2011 02:48 pm ET Updated Dec 25, 2011

Jay Leno Jokes About Accidents At Love Ride Motorcycle Rally, Two Bikers Soon Die

Whether you find Jay Leno's jokes funny on the "Tonight Show," or not, the crack he made at a motorcycle rally on Sunday turned out to be no laughing matter at all.

Leno, an autos maven, spoke before the Love Ride in Glendale, California and made light of the event's impressive safety record, the Los Angeles Times reports.

"Every year, [the organizer] says, 'Drive safe,'" he said. "I'm gonna say, 'Don't drive safe.' I wanna see somebody go down. So it'll be fun. I want it to be in front or behind me and see a whole row of bikes go down. Get drunk, fall off the road. We've all become too damn polite ... we haven't had one incident."

During the ride, two riders in the rally crashed into a truck and were killed.

To his credit, Leno did assist another rider who crashed in the rally, accompanying him to the hospital. The yearly event saw about 2,000 people ride during the half hour circuit.

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