10/25/2011 08:56 am ET Updated Dec 25, 2011

Rudy Fernandez 3-Pointer: NBA Guard Makes Abusrd Basket For Real Madrid, Ref Waives It Off (VIDEO)

It looks like Dallas Mavericks shooting guard Rudy Fernandez is doing his best to keep busy during the NBA lockout, actually playing basketball instead of let's say, learning how to ballet dance. The Spaniard signed with Real Madrid in late September and sunk an incredible highlight-reel shot in Sunday's win over Blusens Monbus.

The former Portland Trail Blazers player got the ball in the corner, just behind the 3-point arc. He immediately made a pump fake to get the defender to leave his feet. As Fernandez drew the contact for the foul, he wasn't even looking at the basket and merely lobbed a high arcing shot to help get to the free-throw line. But the ball sailed through the air and fell right through the basket for an amazing 3-pointer.

However, the referee waived the basket off right away and ruled it as a non-shooting foul.

Oh right, this isn't the NBA.