10/26/2011 02:44 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bill Rosendahl Wants Occupy LA Off The Lawn

Turns out the Occupy LA movement isn't as copacetic as we thought.

Just weeks after the Los Angeles city council's official endorsement of the Occupy LA movement, one councilmember is saying enough is enough.

Councilmember Bill Rosendahl, who had joined his colleagues in a vote to support the protesters, now thinks it's time for the them to pack up. In an interview with ABC 7 on Tuesday, Rosendahl said, "the trees are in the process of being impacted. The grass is being impacted. Other activities that we need to do on the lawns are being put on the back burner."

Rosendahl posted the ABC 7 interview on his Facebook page Wednesday morning, saying, "they've made their statement. I agree with their statement, but it is time to move on."

His fans, however, didn't "like" the article too much. Fan Nik Roybal said, "strongly disagree with you. your 'move on' words are troublesome." Carolyn B. Baker echoed, "This is a national movement a worldwide movement. NOTHING HAS CHANGED this is not about the grass... this is about the people in Los Angeles without jobs/without homes/without hope."

Watch his interview:

During Occupy LA's first week on the lawn, Rosendahl had joined councilmember Eric Garcetti in a tour of the encampment. Using the people's mic, Rosendahl raised a fist and announced the resolution to support the protesters.

Perhaps Rosendahl is hoping to avoid a Southern California version of last night's melee in Oakland, but he could be undermining the city's strategy keep the peace and let sleeping dogs lie.

See photos of the Occupy LA encampment facing another rainy day on Tuesday. All images by the Associated Press.