10/26/2011 12:39 pm ET Updated Dec 26, 2011

Bloomberg Supports 7 Train Subway Extending To New Jersey

A proposal to extend the No. 7 line to New Jersey now has the blessing of Mayor Bloomberg.

A $250,000 study was commissioned to analyze the possible plan. The Mayor is reportedly pleased with the findings and is looking to seal the deal before he leaves office in 2013.

According to The Post, Bloomberg will be announcing steps to push the plan forward in the next few months.

A previous plan to construct a new commuter rail tunnel to Manhattan was rejected by Jersey Governor Chris Christie because of its heavy costs. Bloomberg's administration then picked up the idea to run the No. 7 line under the Hudson River for Garden State commuters.

Current estimates say the No. 7 extension could cost less than $10 billion, a price that would be split amongst the city, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

The proposal would see the No. 7 train stretching from Manhattan's West Side to Secaucus, NJ, providing commuters with direct access to Midtown and Queens.

While commuters might be rejoicing at the news, many New Yorkers are less than thrilled. When the plan was first announced, New Yorker Lorraine Diehl scoffed, "The idea of it going to New Jersey -- oh my God. Eek! You'll come back with germs."

CORRECTION: A previous version of this post stated that current estimates say the No. 7 extension could cost less than $10 million. The actual estimate is less than $10 billion.