10/26/2011 10:05 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jon Stewart Takes On 'Crazy' GOP Candidate Rhetoric: Even Pat Robertson Says 'Tone It Down' (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart did a lengthy "Daily Show" segment last week on how divisive Republican rhetoric can be, but this week he's going after the straight-up crazy talk.

The latest GOP presidential candidates to hop on the gaffe express are Rick Perry and Herman Cain. Stewart had a laugh at Perry for doubting President Obama's birthplace and then saying he was just messing around ("It's fun to poke him a little bit"). But it was Herman Cain's electrified border fence retraction -- he said he was joking but then said one sentence later, "It might be electrified" -- that really got Stewart going.

Even though there is still a year until we find out who wins the 2012 election, Stewart was able to put together a pretty thorough supercut showing the pattern of "crazy" talk that has emerged among the candidates, including Mitt Romney's "Corporations are people" remark and Bachmann's HPV vaccine story.

And it gets even crazier than that. In the second segment below, Stewart shows it's not just him (a liberal East coaster) who thinks the GOP nominees are saying absurd things. No, even Pat "Gay People Cause Hurricanes" Robertson is telling them to tone it down, saying the frontrunners "have got to lay off" the extreme rhetoric because they won't win the election.

Watch both segments below to get the full story, and If you're not clear on why Robertson's comments are mind-blowing, the second segment provides a pretty insightful overview of what he doesn't consider extreme.

WATCH: Part one

WATCH: Part two