10/28/2011 01:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Madonna Makes Revelations About Flowers, Fruit And Irony In Macy's Material Girl Video

We've often wondered what Madonna and daughter Lourdes talk about in their private time. Does 15-year-old Lola idolize Madge the way we did at her age? Fortunately, the glam duo appears in this candid video for the Macy's Material Girl search, and we get to see the pair bicker over typical matters that parents and their teens disagree on. You know, like the merits of fruit, the death of irony and what constitutes timeless slang (evidently, the pop icon is not a fan of "totes magotes").

She also reveals what qualities she's seeking in the promotional model search for her juniors' clothing line, Material Girl. "We're not looking for the perfect beauty," she explains. "We're looking for a woman/girl/female child who embodies that certain je ne sais quoi: a certain spirit, energy, attitude ... cares but doesn't care, material but immaterial, likes to shop, but also cares about feelings."

And speaking of the "Material Girl" moniker that inspired her line's name, she'd like to clarify a common misconception. "People think I'm like, a superficial person, and I'm not," she says. "I love horses, I love flowers -- well, I don't love hydrangeas." Fair enough.

Watch the video below: