10/30/2011 12:12 pm ET Updated Dec 30, 2011

Black Voices Sermon Roundup: God And The One Percent

Do the 1 percent — the U.S.'s top income earners who control a disproportionate amount of the nation's wealth — owe their pecuniary good fortune to divine providence? That's the question being mulled over by Darius Gray in this week's Black Voices Sermon roundup.

"Over the years, many in the Christian Right have proclaimed their belief that this nation, the United States of America, was brought into being by the very hand of God," he writes. "Yet here we are in 2011, and the gap between rich and poor is as great as it has ever been. Has God changed His concerns for His children, or are we now attempting to reframe the principles upon which this nation was founded, and which grew to include laws and programs specifically addressing the needs of 'the least of these'?"

Plus, Brad Braxton takes a look at the role Africans have played in the Christian tradition, and Dr. Faheen Younus takes on the use of Muslim garb in Halloween costumes.