10/31/2011 05:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

EvolutionMan Nail Polish Is 'Formulated With Men In Mind' (POLL)

Ladies! Did you ever wish your boyfriend's nails looked a little more high fashion? Sneak a bottle of EvolutionMan, a new line of nail polish marketed specifically at men, into his toiletries bag. Better yet, paint his nails for him on the sly while he's asleep! Ok, don't really do that.

The new polishes -- we want to call them BRO.P.I. -- come in shades of white, dark purple and gray. It also has two topcoats: one shiny and one matte.

EvolutionMan's founder Marco Berardini described his creations to Allure:

"I love strong colors that make a bold statement with a stark contrast on the skin. I especially like matte finishes -- they feel new, modern and masculine... in the past, the most popular colors for men have been black, blue, and white. Much like new car finishes on the market right now, I wanted metallic colors that were a modern interpretation of old favorites."

The notion of men painting their nails isn't new -- as StyleList reported earlier, dudes have been taking to the salon for manicures with Essie Mademoiselle to get that healthy sheen on their cuticles. We're all in favor of the menfolk taking better care of their nails, but we're not sure the dudes in our lives require a whole collection of polish just for them.

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