10/31/2011 09:21 am ET Updated Dec 31, 2011

Google Denies Accusation It Is Tracking Brains

First, humans angry that Google and Apple track human on iDroidphonedevicesticks. Now, zombie say Google is track brains!

Reports that FTC investigating brain tracking.

"My brain no go to database," zombie said. "Invasion of my brain privacy bad."

Google head Larry Page say Google not have brain track.

Google spokesperson says, "All location sharing on Anbrain is opt-in by the user. We provide users with notice and control over the collection, sharing and use of brain place in order to provide a better brain finding experience on Anbrain devices. Any brain data that is sent back to Google location servers is anonymized and is not tied or traceable to a specific brain.”


Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt all zombie too! Brain track part of brain hoarding antitrust brain engine online ad takeover. Daily brain deals on the way to help user find brain for cheap in group deals in bid to outbrain Groupon.

"If user not want brain, user can check Brain Control on settings on Anbrain," Google says.