11/01/2011 12:52 pm ET Updated Jan 01, 2012

G. Gordon Liddy Asks Women Whose 'Advances' They Would Accept After Herman Cain Controversy

While most pundits are jumping all over the recent claims of sexual harassment against Herman Cain, radio host G. Gordon Liddy raised a rather unexpected point about the controversy on Tuesday.

On Sunday, Cain's campaign denied reports that he was accused of sexual harassment twice as the head of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s. Cain later walked that denial back, admitting that he was accused and saying that it was possible that he settled with the women in question.

Liddy, who is best known as a co-conspirator in Watergate, tweeted: "Ladies, in the light of the Herman Cain controversy is there a politician whose advances you would welcome?"

Liddy is just one of many pundits who have weighed in on the controversy. Rush Limbaugh slammed Politico on Monday, accusing the site of an "unconscionable, racially stereotypical attack" on Cain. Ann Coulter continued the conservative criticism of Politico with a questionable comment about African Americans.