11/02/2011 10:17 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Asuncion' By Jesse Eisenberg: Highlights (VIDEO)

In Jesse Eisenberg's new play 'Asuncion,' which he also wrote, two 20-something roommates, Vinny (Justin Bartha) and Edgar (Eisenberg), confront their own latent racism when a new roommate Asuncion (Camille Mana) arrives from the Philippines. Edgar is plagued with over-educated remorse for the "sex slave," as he calls Asuncion (who's come to the US to marry their mutual friend), while Vinny prefers to think of her as a "sex worker" who happens to be hot. What with the fast-talking, and well-meaning awkwardness, the whole thing reads like the smartest-ever episode of "The Big Bang Theory," with Eisenberg playing a kinder, gentler Sheldon. Neither of which are bad things, at all. The show runs through Nov. 27 at New York's Cherry Lane Theater.