11/02/2011 05:37 pm ET Updated Jan 02, 2012

Megyn Kelly Admits Shoplifting: 'That Was The Crime Of My Life' (VIDEO)

On Wednesday's "America Live," Megyn Kelly revealed what she called "the crime of her life": shoplifting from Kmart when she was 12 years old (h/t Mediaite).

She made the admission during a segment about the couple whose daughter was taken away by child protective services after they neglected to pay for $5 sandwiches. Who would have guessed that the story had any correlation to Kelly's own checkered past?

Correspondent Trace Gallagher playfully gasped when Kelly confessed to her misdeed. She explained, "It was really my then-best friend that made me do it." She and her friend stole some plastic jewelry and were caught by the friend's mother. Kelly's dad brought her to turn herself into the store manager -- and it was an experience that scared her straight.

She recalled, "This was Halloween — and my friend said, 'Megyn's mother bought them for us!'" Her friend's mother immediately called her own mother, who then forced them to go to K-Mart and apologize.

The manager of the store, she said, was "terrifying," and told them they could have been arrested. "I never stole anything again," she insisted. Presumably, the camera crew didn't have to check their pockets after the show was over.

WATCH (via Mediaite):