11/03/2011 06:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bryan Stow Writes Name, Bonds Starts College Fund For Stow Kids

It's been a good week for Bryan Stow.

On Wednesday, Stow's family announced via that Stow is now able to write his name, and even included a photo of evidence with the post.

"This picture speaks volumes and we are so proud of him," wrote his family. Stow has been hospitalized for a brain injury since he was brutally attacked outside of Dodgers stadium after a Giants game, and was recently relocated to a rehabilitation center.

"Since Bryan returned to rehab, we have seen improvements," wrote his family in another post. In the past few months, Stow has talked and joked with his family, and started taking wheelchair-assisted trips outside.

Still, the Stows warn about the gravity of his condition. "We try and keep updates positive with all the good things going on with Bryan, however we don't want to give a skewed impression of his recovery," they wrote. "Getting to even this point has been a very long process and 'this point' still weighs heavy on our hearts."

To help bring support and awareness to Stow's continued struggle, former Giant and eight-time Golden Glove winner Barry Bonds recently launched a fund to help someday send Stow's two young children to college. "Having visited with Bryan and his family, I am continually inspired by their faith, courage and determination to get through this tragedy together," said Bonds in a video about the fund. "I have initiated a fundraising effort to help establish a college fund for Bryan's two children, Tabitha and Tyler."

Watch Barry Bonds's public service announcement in the video below: