11/04/2011 01:41 pm ET Updated Jan 04, 2012

Melissa McCarthy Teams Up WIth 'The Help' Director Tate Taylor On Comedy

While nothing's ever a sure bet in Hollywood, sometimes there's a collaboration so good that failure is nearly impossible.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that the laugh-out-loud Melissa McCarthy and "The Help" director Tate Taylor are in talks to team up on McCarthy's comedy project, "Tammy."

The film centers on an overweight woman who has just lost her job and discovered that her husband is having an affair. So after things go from bad to worse, she decides take a road trip with her inebriated, trash-talking diabetic grandmother.

Though Taylor's recent period drama was a box-office stunner, it isn't to say that his comedy chops aren't up to snuff. McCarthy and Taylor first met during their time in the LA-based improv comedy group, The Groundlings.

McCarthy co-wrote "Tammy" with her husband Ben Falcone, who also played Air Marshall Jon in "Bridesmaids."

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