11/04/2011 04:52 pm ET Updated Jan 04, 2012

Sighs Of Relief 'Outliers'

Larry Bartels argues the weak economy in 2009 will work in Obama's favor in 2012.

David Hill shares the numbers that convince him Obama's finished.

Josh Tucker revisits the empirical evidence of Obama's "donor problem."

Frank Newport speculates about Herman Cain's future.

Payton Craighill crunches the Post/ABC results without Cain.

Jennifer Rubin thinks it's too early to conclude that the sexual harrassment story hasn't hurt Cain (via Sullivan).

Josh Kraushaar doubts that Rick Perry has room to make a comeback.

Mark Mellman questions whether Bill Clinton's "move to the center" explained his 1996 reelection.

Jonathan Bernstein finds plenty of good news for Romney in the latest PowerOutsider survey.

Andrew Gelman finds yet more intrigue in Doug Schoen's Occupy Wall Street survey.

Reid Wilson says Republicans have the upper hand in 2012 Senate races.

Jennifer Steinhauer writes that incumbents are likely to be a target for voters in 2012.

DemocracyCorps outlines a winning economic argument for Democrats.

Dan Hopkins wonders when it's possible to trust polling data on ballot initiatives.

John Sides corrects Drew Westin. Again.

The Onion reports that Jon Huntsman is secretly relieved not to be polling well among Republicans.