11/05/2011 07:13 pm ET Updated Jan 05, 2012

Brian Wilson Talks LSU vs. Alabama: Giants Pitcher Makes Funny Appearance On ESPN (VIDEO)

There are few personalities in sports (or anywhere for that matter) as vibrant as the one possessed by Brian Wilson. Or, better yet, there are few personalities in sports as energetic and idiosyncratic as the one that possesses Brian Wilson.

The San Francisco Giants closer, most recently of Taco Bell commercial fame, is best known for his majestic beard and hilarious deadpan delivery. He also has a pretty good fastball.

On Saturday, Wilson, who played baseball at LSU, appeared on ESPN's "College Game Day" program in a full Tigers football uniform (including helmet) to make picks on various games. In Wilson's typical style, he used the platform as an opportunity to share ridiculous musings such as "I'm a huge fan of sea captains. I'm gonna have to go with the Commodores," in rationalizing his Vanderbilt pick. He sent anchor Kirk Herbstreit into a giggling fit when he decreed, "Never bet against the Cocks. I'm going with South Carolina."

Not surprisingly, Wilson, who appeared in a spandex tuxedo at this year's ESPY Awards, picked LSU to win the game. He accompanied his pick with an attempt to play a trumpet and pulling on a bearded Tigers' mascot head. You know, the usual.