11/07/2011 02:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Michele Bachmann Repeats Silver Suit, Picks Better Shoes (PHOTOS)

The first lady is not the only Michelle who likes a good wardrobe repeat. Michele Bachmann surprised us by recently revisiting her silver skirt suit, one of her most memorable outfits.

We first met the shiny ensemble back in June when Michele formally announced her run for president. For the big moment, Bachmann paired the suit with one of her biggest sartorial gaffes: the open-back sandals. The footwear flub was fairly egregious: the straps were awkwardly small, there was a childish bow in the center and the worst part of all? She wore the open-back, open-toe heels with sheer pantyhose.

But we believe in second chances and apparently so does Bachmann. She took the suit for a second spin in August for a televised GOP debate, testing out a different shoe: ultra-strappy, shiny brown sandals with a higher heel.

Better, but still not great. Instead of being excessively dainty, this time the shoes were super clunky and unflattering, not to mention the wrong color.

But third time's the charm: on Friday Michele wore her silver suit yet again (although with heavy creases in the skirt, it's looking a bit worse for the wear). This time, she got even closer to picking the right footwear fit: a basic black, close-toe pump.

Not our favorite, but a huge improvement for which we commend Michele heartily. Take a look below -- which shoe works best with the GOP candidate's favorite skirtsuit?