11/08/2011 03:00 am ET Updated Jan 07, 2012

'Mini Monet' Buys First House At 9 Years Old

Yet again, artist prodigy Kieron Williamson is making his fellow 3rd graders look bad. While most 9 year olds are giving their parents macaroni necklaces, with the occasional coupon for unlimited hugs, Williamson is buying his family a $245,000 home.

Kieron, dubbed 'Mini Monet,' began painting landscapes on vacation in Devon and Cornwall in 2008. Just 2 years later an exhibition of 33 of his paintings in Norfolk sold out in just 30 minutes. The exhibition had buyers flying in from Arizona, New York and Tokyo, many of whom camped out the night before, raking in a total of over $240,000.

This groundbreaking gallery success, along with a sealed bid auction of two landscape paintings for $34,000, assuaged the financial burden of buying a house. The home's location of Ludham, Norfolk holds special weight for the painting prodigy according to press, "as it was the home of his painting hero Edward Seago who died in 1974."

Next up for the ambitious elementary schooler is an exhibition of 12 pieces at Norfolk's Picturecraft Gallery. It is expected to sell out within minutes and already has fans vowing to camp out in anticipation. "It's lovely to see a nine-year-old boy keeping traditional landscape painting alive," said Williamson's mother.

His mother is also planning a retrospective of Kieron's works to go on display next year. Williamson has shown great excitement for this upcoming milestone, both to have a retrospective of his artistic masterpieces and to enjoy his double digit birthday.