11/08/2011 10:49 am ET Updated Jan 07, 2012

Sports Where Women Still Wear Skirts: 2012 Olympic Female Boxers Aren't Alone

The recent controversy over whether or not female boxers will be required to compete in skirts at the 2012 Olympics in London got us thinking: Are sports skirts just another (possibly more comfortable) athletic wear option or an unpleasant reminder of outdated ideas about women and sports?

While female equestrians no longer have to ride side-saddle to accomodate long skirts and strict social mores, many women who play sports like tennis, field hockey, and -- in a suprising trend -- running, still turn to the skirt as part of their uniform, though skirts worn by today's female athletes are usually a lot shorter and easier to move in than those of our Victorian forebears.

We want to know: Are skirts a liberating, more comfortable alternative to other active wear? Or a remnant of unenlightened views on women's relationship to sports?

PHOTOS: Here are seven sports where women still can (or must) wear a skirt:

Sports Where You Can Still Wear A Skirt