11/07/2011 04:41 pm ET Updated Jan 07, 2012

Tony Rizzo Rant: Cleveland Radio Host Has Complete Meltdown About Browns On Air (VIDEO)

There are complaints, there are rants, and then there are complete and total meltdowns. Last week, Tony Rizzo, host of The Really Big Show on ESPN Radio in Cleveland, gave us a remarkable glimpse into all three.

What set Rizzo off seemed innocent enough. A caller who went by the name of Steven, told the host that the Browns, bereft of playmakers, should give more opportunities to second-year wideout Carlton Mitchell. Rizzo, in not so many words, didn't think that was such a good idea.

And then he got a little angry.

And then a little more angry.

And within minutes, Rizzo engaged in a rant for the ages, that, despite his co-host's urges to calm down, only seemed to increase in fury.

(Listen to un-edited audio of the rant of the the call here)

"I don't care! I'm sick of all of them right now! I got no friends," Rizzo said when asked what Browns GM Mike Holmgren must be thinking about the team. "I'm the Cleveland sports fan. I'm the kid with no toys at Christmas, and I'm sick of it! Every Christmas!"

"I've had it with sucking," the out of breath Rizzo concluded.

And mind you, this was all said before the Browns 30-12 loss to Houston on Sunday.