11/08/2011 03:19 pm ET Updated Jan 08, 2012

Dorothy Desjardin, 87, Charged With Shooting 88-Year-Old Philandering Husband

Police in Missouri say that an 87-year-old woman fired a gun at her husband on Saturday after becoming suspicious that he was engaged in a romantic affair with her hairdresser.

Dorothy Dejardin of Springfield, Mo., faces second-degree assault charges, according to a police report obtained by the Smoking Gun.

Police say Dejardin became enraged with her 88-year-old husband, Peter, when her stylist allegedly spoke of the affair.

According to the police report:

[Ms. Dejardin] walked into the room with her walker, sat down on the bed that was next to his, and began to throw books at [her husband]. When [she] ran out of books to throw she picked up [her husband's] revolver from a nearby shelf. [The husband] said [she] then started flinging the revolver around in the air and he told her to stop because she didn't know how to handle it. [The husband] said it was at that time that [she] pulled back the hammer and fired the revolver at him.

Lucky for Mr. Dejardin, the firearm was loaded with "fine grain pellets" used for hunting small animals and reptiles, instead of actual bullets. Police said that had Mr. Dejardin not protected himself with his arm, he likely would have been shot in the head.

He said that his wife "suffered from multiple medical ailments and he believed her conditions contributed to her actions," according to the Springfield News-Leader.

Ms. Dejardin is charged with felony domestic assault, and remains behind bars in the Greene County jail awaiting $5,000 bond.
Her husband, who denies he had an affair, is expected to recover.