11/08/2011 12:09 pm ET Updated Jan 08, 2012

Occupy Wall Street: Protesters In Zuccotti Park Hunker Down For Winter [LIVE UPDATES]

The Occupy Wall Street protesters are hunkering down for winter in Zuccotti Park, erecting four military-style tents that are meant both to keep protesters sheltered from the cold and address security concerns.

The protesters plan to erect more tents in the coming days; three are already set to be installed and the General Assembly approved the purchase of 20 or more tents for $20,000 at their meeting Saturday night. The new tents -- which are double-layered and waterproof -- contrast the traditional, smaller camping tents that have popped up around the park since the protests started on September 17. One of them has been dedicated as a "safe space" for women camping out at the park, as safety concerns continue to mount.


Elsewhere in New York, protesters took to the streets demonstrating against a variety of issues. On Monday, hundreds of Black and Latino New Yorkers marched from Manhattan's Morningside Heights neighborhood to Wall Street in a demonstration dubbed "end to end for the 99 percent."

Last week, protesters occupied a boiler room in a Harlem apartment building, demanding a new boiler to address years-long heat and hot water issues. The protesters ultimately got their request on Friday night.

On Saturday, protesters clashed with police as thousands marched in front of the New York Supreme Court building. Later that night, protesters marched to One Police Plaza as a show of solidarity with the protesters that were arrested.

Relations between protesters and police are also becoming increasingly strained in Washington where four activists were hit by a car on Friday night. The Metropolitan Police Department said they won’t charge the man who allegedly hit the protesters. At a press conference Monday, demonstrators called for an MPD investigation.

Also on Monday, more than 40 protesters were escorted from a Chicago intersection and given citations as they demonstrated against proposed cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Other Occupy demonstrations over the weekend were largely less eventful, as protesters commemorated Bank Transfer Day. More than 1,000 protesters staged a peaceful march in Denver on Saturday. In Los Angeles, hundreds of protesters marched in honor of Bank Transfer Day and dozens transferred their money on the spot.

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