11/09/2011 01:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ed Schultz Challenges John Kasich On Ohio SB5: 'Come Talk To Big Eddie!' (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, Ed Schultz covered Ohio's controversial collective bargaining legislation from Columbus, where he rallied public employees and issued his second very public challenge to Republican Governor John Kasich.

Public employee unions in Ohio celebrated a huge victory with the repeal of Senate Bill 5 on Tuesday night. The controversial piece of legislation would have eliminated collective bargaining for public employees' benefits. The MSNBC host traveled to Columbus, Ohio to cover the fiery debate for the second time on Monday and Tuesday.

Speaking with workers, local politicians and union leaders, Schultz alleged, "It's very clear that this governor tried to balance the budget on the backs of working class people." He asked how politicians like Kasich could go after firefighters, police, teachers, librarians and nurses, whom he called "the fabric of America."

Then he issued a public challenge to Kasich: to come on to Schultz's show. "Governor, I have a chair for you," he said, holding up a black chair reserved for the governor. "Come talk to your buddy Big Eddie." Schultz also left an empty chair for Kasich during his first broadcast from Ohio on the bill.

"I understand it's easy for you to stand up in front of the microphone to give a conciliatory speech cause you've had a lot of training over at Fox News," he said. "But you gotta come talk to other Americans."


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