11/09/2011 06:59 pm ET Updated Jan 09, 2012

Occupy Wall Street, Faces of Zuccotti Park: The PR Guy (VIDEO)

This is the fourth part in a series profiling the protesters of Occupy Wall Street.

At certain times of day the number of cameras and recording devices in Zuccotti Park appear to rival the protester signage. The press table attracts them all. Here, reporters can glean information on story ideas, learn about scheduled events and strike up friendly conversation with members of the press relations working group. Freelance public relations consultant Bill Dobbs has been donating his time at the table since the protest began on Sept. 17. You may find him there, peaking out from under a copy of the Occupied Wall Street Journal, or passing a phone number to a frazzled reporter. "I've been around a lot of activism -- anti-war organizing, gay organizing, AIDS organizing -- and I've never seen anything remotely like this," he said.

Watch the video below to hear more of Bill’s perspective and anecdotes from his experiences at OWS.