11/09/2011 01:44 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tacolicious Mural: An Ode To The Mission By Paul Madonna (VIDEO)

Anyone who loves San Francisco knows that San Francisco loves murals. And Tacolicious II's painted tribute to its new neighborhood is no exception.

After the restaurant's first location on sweet little Chestnut Street raked success (and with those cochinita pubil tacos and tequila-habanero-passion fruit cocktails, it's really no surprise), Tacolicious owner Joe Hagrave decided to brave the big guns with a second location in the Mission, opening next week. And what better way to honor the new neighborhood than with a 40-foot mural of Mission High School by All Over Coffee creator Paul Madonna.

To celebrate the opening, Automatic Saint Productions released a 1:45-minute documentary about the making of the mural, narrated by Madonna, revealing the creative process and hidden secrets in the resto's new wall.

"Nobody else knows this," he said. "But if you come in and look really close, there's all these little words being put into the grass line, and they're going to be scattered throughout the entire drawing." Indeed, proverbs like "dissent is not mandatory," "take your own advice" and "sore thumb on the horizon" line the gymnasium, rustle in the bushes and climb up the front steps of Mission High.

Check out the documentary below by Automatic Saint Productions: