11/10/2011 02:07 pm ET Updated Jan 10, 2012

Hayes Valley's Restaurant Renaissance: Six More Stars Join The Scene (PHOTOS)

Picking a restaurant in Hayes Valley used to be easy. But lately, there have been more openings than we have nights to eat out. Thai? German? Yakitori? And hold that thought -- there are two more opening just this week.

As Grubstreet recently pointed out, Hayes Valley is experiencing a serious culinary renaissance.

For an area that is traditionally known for shopping, Hayes Valley sure is making a name for itself in food. And why not? Though the boom is fairly recent, Hayes Valley has been home to some of the most innovative restaurants in San Franciso: Jardiniere, Suppenkuche, Zuni, Bar Jules, Sebo and the granddaddy of new-classic San Francisco fare, Absinthe.

And now, local diners can add a few more stops to the list. It's a good time to be in Hayes Valley.

Check out some of the newest stars in Hayes Valley's culinary constellation in our slideshow below: